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Register your CU2 account and be able to connect with our hosted websites. Join one network with one account and access to all our services. Easy as.

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Make status updates to your friends and family. share posts and connect with people.

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Find common interests and meet new friends in the groups that appeal to what you like.

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Find the right business or service in NZ that have their websites hosted on our network.

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Create blog posts right from your profile without setting up a website. Powerful yet simple!

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CU2 Network Solutions

Reach more with your business

CU2 Network Solutions gives you the tools, advertising tips, best practices and case studies for using our network to meet your business goals.

Website and Hosting

Build and host complete websites or extend your existing one. eCommerce, SEO, Security and Marketing strategies. We cover all grounds from DIY projects to custom designs.

Products You Can Trust

CU2 is a leader in bringing only the top sources together for maximum performance and superb quality services, like Google, to ensure you only the best.

Reach for More

Besides your standard SEO and Social Network sharing, we provide a news reader that shows all your latest posts, news and updates from your CU2 site that reaches a New Zealand focused audience. A marketing tool developed here in New Zealand.

3rd Party

Our network is compatible with selected 3rd party services and easy to use by other web designers and professional agencies. Never have to worry about being abandoned or wanting to switch services with our support.

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Complete Toolkit

CU2 brings you an unique way of networking with the right tools to secure your online presence with ease. Taking care of all the complex and technical stuff so you can focus on what you do best.